TULE Server

TULE is listening at You can dowload the Java client below and send the Server NL sentences in one of the supported languages (Italian, English, Spanish, Catalan). The server will send you back the dependency tree describing the syntactic structure of the sentence.

You can download and run the TULE server on your computer!!!

and even interface it with the Java GUI client (see below). See instructions here.

Java GUI Client

A user-friendly Java GUI client is provided. A screenshot of the GUI is shown below. The GUI may send NL sentences or text files to TULE, and display the results in a graphical form. Dependency trees may be saved/loaded into TUT files (with extension '.tut'). To use the GUI,

Download the jar file viewerTULETUT.jar

Attention!!! Java 1.6 or higher is required!!!
You can download Java 1.6 from here

and check the extention is '.jar' (some browsers save the file as 'viewerTULETUT.zip' or 'viewerTULETUT.rar'). If it is not, rename the file. Then, double-click on it. The 'Help' button will provide you all needed instructions. In here you can also find some txt/tut files in order to test the "Load Text File" and "Load TUT file" buttons of the GUI. Try it! It's easy and amusing!