Downloading and Installing TULE Server

TULE Server is written in Lisp. If you want to run it on your computer you need a Lisp interpreter. The zip file you may download below includes a CLisp interpreter running on Windows.

Download the zip file

and extract it. The target folder contains two subfolders: INTERFACE and FEB-09-TULE. If you are on Windows:

  1. Open the subfolder "INTERFACE".
  2. Run the file "compile.bat".
  3. Run the files "dispatcher.bat".
  4. Run the files "parserCa.bat", "parserEn.bat", "parserIt.bat", and "parserSp.bat"; these are the actual servers.

Now five processes should be listening on five different local ports. In case they are not, contact Livio Robaldo.
The dispatcher process is listening on localhost:5000. You need to contact it and to pass it both a sentence and a token specifying the language of the sentence. You can do that with the Java Gui viewerTULETUT.jar by opening the file with WinZip, Winrar, etc., and modifying the text file "IPAddress.txt", under the subfolder "resources". Replace "" with "localhost:5000". Alternatively, run the file "gen-client.bat" under the folder "INTERFACE". This is a Lisp client that contacts the dispatcher on localhost:5000.

If you are not on Windows, you need to download the appropriate CLisp interpreter for your Operating System. Once you have done it,

  1. Run the interpreter with options "-ansi" and "-Eterminal Cp850", as it is done by the Windows bat files (you can open them via any text editor). See here for more details.
  2. Load the file "\FEB-09-TULE\SYSTEM\compile-all" on the CLisp interpreter, by passing the parameter ".//..//FEB-09-TULE//SYSTEM//", which allows the program to find all needed files.
  3. Load the files ".\SERVERS\dispatcher.lisp", ".\SERVERS\server-cat.lisp", ".\SERVERS\server-eng.lisp", ".\SERVERS\server-ita.lisp", and ".\SERVERS\server-spa.lisp" on the CLisp interpreter, by passing the parameter ".//..//FEB-09-TULE//SYSTEM//".

After this, the five processes mentioned above should be online on your computer.
In case you need any help, do not hesitate to contact Livio Robaldo.